My Professional Skills

- HTML5 / CSS3
- SASS/SCSS and Less
- Javascript
- Angular
- Node
- MVC Frameworks
- MongoDB/PouchDB
- Mobile and Web Applications

What I Have To Offer

I have four years experience in mobile web and application development using modern front-end frameworks like Angular and Backbone. I have over a decade of experience using Javascript, CSS and HTML (including HTML5 and CSS3). I have an in-depth knowledge and first hand experience in mobile first responsive design implementations, with extensive knowledge of cross-browser and platform differences, including mobile devices.

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Farm Fresh Market Finder

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[Available on Android. In review for Apple] The Farm Fresh Market Finder is an easy way to find and support your local farmers. It allows you to search for markets based on your current position or a search of city, state or zip code and gives you access to market information such as seasons, products hours. With Google Maps we also give you access to turn by turn directions to the markets of your choice. You can even create a list of your favorite markets so you don't have to search each time.